We helped Night Labs bring their vision to life by creating the backbone of their world building and developing the lore and design direction of their Rebels IP.

Between the orderly sectored and skyless city they call their home, and its architects' realm behind the veil above it,
lies the fabricated realm of the Web, that the REBELS can no longer ignore after uncovering the secrets that surround its creation.
A powerful device, made by an extraordinary inventor and meant to bring strength back to those who lack it,
the Nightcard, grants them the abilities they need to rise toward the light that's been stolen from them.

Creative Direction | Marceau Nakayama & Matteo Paolini
Production Manager | Matteo Paolini
Production Coordinator | Ana Pérez Galán
Story / Lore | Ashley Ehret & Marceau Nakayama
Video Editing | Matteo Paolini
Concept Art/ Illustration | Matteo Paolini, Adam Isailovic, Linus Alstergren & Gabriel Juarez
Environment Art | Baptiste Mauger
Characters | James Starr-King & Adam Isailovic
Animation | Matteo Paolini
Graphic Design | Kari Priester & Rafael Busmayer (Kato Design Studio)
Additional character assets provided by Night Labs