AIDIN - Leaving the City

A widow's tale gives birth to a new world order.
It is about the birth of a new mythology, and its impact. The journey of Aidin, through sacrifice and death, is only the first chapter of a story that tells of how it came to be and how it was able to change the world. Looking at the original myth by exploring the story of his widow Emera, who began to tell it in hopes that people may remember her late husband, Aidin poses an answer to how a story can evolve from one person telling it, into an entire mythology and even a new religion.
"Aidin Book I" is the first chapter of a three-part story. In response to AI art, we embarked on a journey to create something meaningful. This project presented many challenges, and during the early stages of design, I gained a lot of knowledge about decision-making. I worked with Jennifer Nicolas to co-write the story and design the compositions that support it. Drawing inspiration from orientalist painting masters, "Aidin" is the result of a beautiful collaboration between several artists. We carefully planned and coordinated to create a five-painting ensemble that conveys Aidin's journey. Throughout the entire pipeline, we heavily relied on 3D technology, except for the very end when we assembled all the environment assets and characters. Final touches such as post-processing, effects, and atmosphere were made in Photoshop.
Huge thanks to the amazing team that collaborated in this project:
Creative Direction - Marceau Nakayama
Art Direction - Matteo Paolini
Story - Marceau Nakayama & Jennifer Nicolas
Environment Artist - Baptiste Mauger
Concept Art & Illustration - Matteo Paolini, Marceau Nakayama, Baptiste Mauger
Main Characters - Jennifer Nicolas & Matteo Paolini
Secondary Characters - Adam Isailovic