Illustration made for my animated film project WILDHEART.
Watch the short film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLN3xgzrHCY
Character design by Samuel Amar, sculpted by Phuc Dang.
Wildheart is an animation and cross-media project envisioned by Marceau Nakayama, and produced by Keytales.
It takes you back to a fictional world inspired by the 60s, an era brimming with innovation. Picture the first Tokyo Olympics, Japan's pioneering bullet train, the introduction of color TVs, and a world of new toys.
At the core of Wildheart is the theme of 'family' during this era of transformation. The 60s redefined family ties against a backdrop of societal shifts. The story captures the essence of these changes, offering a more subdued yet meaningful reflection on the decade.